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Professional Laundry Ventilation Cleaning

Along with cleaning commercial kitchens to the finest standards, About Cleaning Ltd also specialise in laundry ventilation cleaning.

Any laundry business must keep their extract systems and ductwork clean, which are part of a building manager’s risk assessment. Otherwise you could be risking people’s health and safety; you will also make your insurance policy much higher.

Why is a dirty ventilation system so dangerous?

A ventilation system must be cleaned diligently otherwise they can pose a fire risk: when the vents are damaged or dirty, they cause the temperatures to rise. An uncleaned laundry ventilation system can also cause damage and injuries.

Having them cleaned regularly will not only keep you safer but prolong the life of your equipment.

Based in Kent, About Cleaning Ltd will ensure your vents never become clogged or dirty, so your machinery will always be operating at optimal levels. By reducing levels of dust and humidity, you can improve your dryer’s energy efficiency levels. You can also improve air quality in a laundry environment.

Our expert team can clean both fixed duct work and all types of flexible reinforced, fire resistant aluminium foil ducting. When it comes to foil duct, we will always replace it rather than reuse the materials.

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