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Looking For Specialists In Kitchen Extraction Cleaning?

The flames crackle and flicker up the stove, making contact with the hood above; the filter ignites and air is drawn up from the exhaust fan. A residue of grease then works like a fuel, making the fire spread up the duct…

This is a nightmare scenario no restaurant wants to deal with. Grease extraction cleaning is not only essential for keeping your kitchen clean, but for reducing the risk of such fires happening.

Based in Kent, About Cleaning Ltd are dedicated to keeping your commercial kitchen sparklingly clean and 100% hygienic.

Our services include grease extraction cleaning to banish even the worst accretion of grease from all areas of your kitchen. We use state-of-the art technology, chemicals and the most proven techniques to carry out all cleaning.

Specialists in the deep cleaning of kitchens, About Cleaning Ltd will ensure that every aspect of your premises is kept spotless and ready for the preparation of food. This includes places where grease often accumulates like your extract canopy and filters, plenum chambers, accessible horizontal and vertical ductwork, grease exhaust fans, and access panels.

Afterwards, we will provide a comprehensive pre and post-clean report.

If you need kitchen extraction cleaning, why not check out our before and after photographs? Or simply get in touch with our team today.

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